Book a 2-days trip

2-days trip! 

Take your friends or family with you on a fantastic experience where you do not have to invest in a lot of expensive equipment. You will travel from Öresjö to Bredfjället and experience nature from the water and through its hiking trails. We arrange everything you could possibly need to give you a fanatical kayak and hiking experience. We will paddle in kayaks in a calm and comfortable pace so that you can enjoy nature. We will also explore the forest by hiking on Bredfjället. All this will of course be done together with a knowledgeable guide who will guide you through the experience and ensure that you get to see all the finest parts of Bredfjället and the water.

We start day 1 at 10 o'clock from our kayak base in Öresjö. There we pack our kayaks and go through simple paddling instructions and a safety review. We then head out on the water and paddle at a calm pace together towards Bredfjället. There will be time to enjoy the tour as we take it at the desired pace. After a few hours of paddling, we leave our kayaks to continue on foot. But before we go on foot, we enjoy a lunch that is of course included.

The hike takes us through Bredfjället and on Bohusleden where there is a fantastic nature to discover. There is of course time set aside to enjoy the surroundings. After a few hours of hiking, we finally arrive to the final destination - Bråten. Here you will spend the night in our cozy cottage, but before that you will of course be served a delicious and homemade dinner that the guide prepares. In the meantime, you can take the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings or why not enjoy the wonderful sauna and maybe even take a dip in the lake. A light evening meal will also be offered for those who wish.

Day 2 starts with you enjoying breakfast before we head back towards the kayaks through the hiking trails. When we arrive at the kayaks, we will offer a wonderful lunch so that you are full and satisfied before we paddle back to the kayak base in Öresjö.

What is included in the experience?

- Guide

- Kayak package

- Accommodation in a cottage - there are beds and a dining table

- 4 meals + supper

- Access to sauna


- Bed linen

- Refrigerator

- Mull toilet (outside of the cottage)

In other words, everything that might be needed!

A 2-day experience with us is a memory for life!

Available dates for the trip:

- 19 june - 20 june.

- More dates will be available soon.